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The Yangtze River project - Character list

Leading character A(Good friend with B):
Name is Yu Xin, 14 years old, junior schoolboy.
He is a tractable boy, academic is not super but not bad. He is the only son in the family, so everyone spoils him somehow. He is personality is relatively weak.

(Model A )

A’s Requirement: He is still in adolescence, a bit ignorant, so he doesn’t know what he wants, just go to school, play and have fun. But he knows everyone in the village talks about earning money and his family needs money. And he wants some pocket money.

Family: parents who are around 40 years old and a dumb sister who is around 18 years old.
His father is a farmer, and often works in the town as a construction workers.
Mother is a farmer and housewife.
Sister is dumb because of a medical accident when she is 10, and she discontinues school after that, and helps housekeeping now. She is at the age of ready for marriage, but because of her disability, the families are worry about that.
They are living together with in an old stone-built village house on the riverside, and their family is relatively poor in the village.

A’s parents Requirements:
• Vanity. Village people are all getting rich because they go to work in big cities or town. And they build new houses and buy new TV and fridge etc.
• Their son’s education, high school fee and maybe university in few years. They wish their son could become a proud collage student.
• Their daughter’s marriage. Because of her disability, it’s not easy to find a husband. So the parents want to save a generous dowry.
Barrier of Requirements:
Farmer is the biggest group in China; their income is very limited. Their village is still very poor; there are not many chances to earn money.

B Leading character :

Name is Qin Yun. 18 years old. Discontinue school when he was 15 years old. Playboy style.
He is motorbike driver, transport people between villages. Most of the time, he is just hanging around with friends.
He is living alone, but often gets accompany in his house. His parents are both working in an electronics products factory in Shenzhen city in the southeast of China. So his family is relatively rich in the village.
His idol is John Rambo, a special forces. (Film played by Sylvester Stallone).
He advocates personal loyally between friends, and loves challenges.
He loves motor racing and wrestling games. He and his friends often bully the weak and younger,dalliance the girls, and do some naughty bad things. They think its cool.
But deeply in his heart, his kind and naïve, and a bit ignorant.
He is very close friend with A because they are distant relatives. He often takes A together to play around, because A is very tame, B treated A as a cute little brother.

C Leading Character

(This model is a bit too old)

Name is Yu Decai; around 60 years old fish man; widower. He has 2 daughters and 2 sons. One daughter married, one divorced E, and 2 sons both married and living in town.
He is living together with her daughter and granddaughter, and he has a helper D.
C plans to marry his divorced daughter to D.
He has been living in this village since born, and was working in the cities when young.
He has very good reputation in this small village, although he is not the head leader, everyone respects him very much. Because
• He is old, and looks very dignified, and has rich experience of life;
• He had been to many big places, has wide social net, so village people think he has wide knowledge;
• He is willing to help the villager, always protect them, and solved problems for them before;
• He does business beyond fishing, so he is relatively rich in the village, and often get chances for the villager go out to work.

D secondary character,
He is around 40 years old; Single; a big ugly and simple-minded; C’s business helper, fish man. He lives on C’s boat, and does everything C ordered. They are like a family, godson and godfather. C treated him very well, and D is also very loyalty to C.

E secondary character,
C’s daughter; She is around 30 years old; fish man and house wife; She just get divorced. She has a little daughter who is 2-3 years old, and they are living together with C.

F secondary character,
A’s dumb sister. 18 years old, shy, pretty, but not well school educated. She is a very kind and tame girl. She is loves her little brother A very much.

I, J, secondary character,
B’s close friends. Village boy; around 18 years old; Almost the same situation as B, parents are working far away in the city; discontinued school; playboy style.
Ignorant and naughty, don’t work nor study, never think about the future.

G, H secondary character,
A’s father and mother; 40-45 years old; honest farmer, a bit weak and timid;


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